Claim Your Right To Live A Life Of Ease, Peace, Trust and Flow

The course that has changed so many women's lives and gave them back true peace of mind.

Lifetime access to the 7 videos, 3 guided meditations + workbooks and guides to help you declutter, bring balance, harmony and improve your life in all areas.

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Open The Floodgates
Abundance Challenge Workbook

Taru's worldrenowned abundance challenge that took her out of poverty and into a life of freedom, travel and so much abundance. This exact process has brought so much freedom and money into her clients lives.

Lifetime access to the workbook with the step by step process for manifesting anything you desire, without effort, only ease and fun + the audio collection (optional add-on).

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Everything Is Already Mine
Guided Meditation

Taru's most popular meditation, her clients claim they make money every time they listen to it!

Sink in and absorb the codes of already being the wealthy, unstoppable version of you.

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The Queen I Came Here To Be

Begin each day reminding yourself of who the fuck you are: The operant power, the gorgeous Goddess, the mf Queen of this universe.

17:11 min of pure power.

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Morning Meeting With The Universe

THE journaling practice that sets you up for a successful day, perfectly aligned with your greatest dreams and desires. Opens you up to ideas and guidance you didn't even know exist.

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I AM morning meditation

Set your day off right with confidence, power, purpose and crystal clarity. Remembering who you are and what you came here to do.

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I AM magnetic LUXE meditation

Call in every single one of your deepest desires by becoming the effortless magnetic match to them.

This is a channeled audio transmission of 33 min and 33 seconds.

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Private Coaching with Taru

Have Taru support you in any area/s of your choice during a 1-month private mentorship. Gain crystal clarity and the precise guidance that Taru is so well known for. Learn how to connect to your truth, your intuition and gain a solid game plan for that which you are in the process of transforming/manifesting.

1 weekly call a' 40 min + whatsapp support 5 days a week, during a period of one month.

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Self Love Bundle

Learn how to truly nourish and take care of your own precious being. In a way that opens your heart and lets you love yourself the way you were always supposed to be loved.

Lifetime access to a workbook + a soothing, heart expanding guided meditation.

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Truly Abundant - The Bundle

Change your relationship with money and abundance forever.

6 PDF workbooks from the live program with the same name + 1 guided meditation that opens you up to receive, and another one that opens you up to see your true desires.

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The Dream That Is Yours - Bundle

Find your purpose and gain access to what your soul truly desires in this lifetime.

Video + a guided meditation.

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Manifest Miracles

Learn the basics of manifesting.

PDF document.

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What Every Woman Needs to Know

The basic understanding that all women should have about themselves and their power, which we were not taught in school.

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