Beautiful, powerful Mother!

Did you know that your child is LONGING for you to be your happiest, most confident, relaxed and peaceful version of you. Free from stress, tension, worry and overwhelm.

Now be honest, how far are you from that woman today? And are you ready to become her? Then you're in the right place.

Returning to that version of you, your true self, is actually not that hard at all, as long as you know how to do it. And I'll tell you how, very soon.

You know, so many mothers struggle with the same things. Before I start working with my clients, they have one or many of these challenges, maybe you can relate to some of them...

  • Constantly feeling frustrated and angry at your children.
  • You're feeling like there's not enough time for you to be you, the woman that you once were. And quite often you dream of just getting away or locking yourself inside of a room and throwing away the key.
  • You have a challenging relationship with the father of your child, and you are worried it will affect your child negatively.
  • You know it's important to make time for yourself, but you’re struggling to develop a self-care practice that actually nourishes you. And how do you even have time for it?!
  • You find yourself drawn to things like Instagram or online shopping, your temporary escape from the daily chaos and the demands of having to be on all of the time.
  • You’re rushing home from work with barely enough time to feed yourself, and you're feeling guilty that you can’t find a better balance.
  • You can't seem to get your child to listen to you and you're always feeling tense in your body as you're repeating the same old things over and over.
  • You know there's a more peaceful, powerful, collected and confident mother deep within you, and you know that's probably what your kids would listen to/connect with even better. But you just don't know how to be her...

I hear you. Just know that you're not alone. And I'm here to tell you today... that there is a peaceful way to turn all of this around. In a way where you will gain so much energy AND peace of mind, without having to sell your child. And I'm gonna share with you what that is, in just a moment.

Now here's the great misunderstanding...

Many women have gotten this backwards idea that they’re some kind of nanny/driver/hostess/servant to these wild human beings that have decided to show up in their lives, demanding everything and creating a mayhem in a life that used to be so peaceful. As if there was some kind of battle to be had every single day. As if work wasn't demanding enough.

When in reality the child came into your life for you! To guide you! To Heal you! To love you! To help you grow into the woman you're supposed to become! To set you free!

Just think about it... have you ever met anybody that has challenged you to become a better version of yourself, the way your children have? I bet you haven't.

And the truth is that EVERY child comes with the exact same mission for their parents, to help us become our most empowered versions of ourselves. To help us rise into the most powerful, confident and gracious leaders. So that we can be the mothers our children need and deserve. Our kids are literally guiding us to become the parents they signed up to have!

The difference is that while some people recognize this and they take their assignment seriously, others find the pressure overwhelming. And unfortunately they then perpetuate the same old conflicts with their kids for the rest of their lives. Allowing for yet another generation of dysfunctional dynamic between mother and child to be born.

Since you're here today though, I'm pretty sure you're the type of mother who is committed to doing your very best in GROWING and BECOMING your best version of self. Rather than succumbing to pressure and overwhelm and letting your important role as an empowered mother to slip out of your hands. Am I right?

Kids grow so quickly. And while it may be convenient to send your kids to school and have somebody else educate your children, your child still needs you. The older they get, the faster their minds, and the more they desire to learn about all of the things that are out there.

If we do not step up in our leadership role as their most important teacher and guide, somebody they truly respect, then someone else with more confidence, more assurance, better clarity of expression, somebody who is more fun and more interesting will soon fill that space for you. And I am sure that you know as much as I do, that there's a lot of people, energies and situations out there that do not have the best intentions for our children.

I would not want you to miss out on your opportunity to be the solid, steady, and inspiring role model that your child needs. It's time to rise up into your true leadership role and become the type of mother that your child looks up to.

A mother who's not only grounded and confident in herself, rolemodeling what it means to be an empowered human being. But who's also super present, she's playful, and creative in all of the magical ways that your child deserves to be raised.

It is time to release the fears, the guilt, the insecurities. And transmute overwhelm into clarity, power, ease, flow and so much fun.


We do this by focusing on 3 important steps:

  • Healing you - We reawaken your true self and bring peace, faith and self acceptance into your heart. We remove the sense of separation between you and your child. We unravel the root of your limiting beliefs and misaligned habits. While installing new empowering beliefs and ways to relate to yourself and to motherhood.
  • Slowing down - We're going to release the habits that aren't aligned and which steal your energy and focus. You're going to cultivate presence and clarity from the inside out. Nourish yourself and connect deeply with your heart, soul and intuition to find peace and all of the right answers.
  • Establish deep connection and effortless communication with your child - From a space of clarity, calm and presence you will give birth to a new relationship with your child that will bring you so much closer and create a beautiful harmony between you both.

As you can see, this is much more about YOU than anything else. Because when you return to your true radiance, happiness and peace of mind, everything else flows so easily.

Before I go more in depth into all of this, let me introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Taru!

I'm a mother and a mindset coach. I help women from all over the world to return to their true, limitless, happy selves. The most confident, empowered selves that is. While getting to ENJOY the heck out of their lives in the process. As a fun and gracious mother (whose got her emotions in check no matter what), and a liberated, relaxed and sexy woman at the same time. Because one things doesn't exclude the other. You are a multidimensional being and you were born to be it all. And let me tell you, being it all is SO.MUCH.FUN! To hell with labels and boxes and trying to fit into some twisted norms. I know that I was born limitless so that's what I'm being. And it's one of my greatest passions to teach women how to become it too. Life is meant to be fun and easy and effortless. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Here are a few of my beautiful clients sharing their experience of working with me:

If you want results like this. If you want to set yourself free to live your most peaceful, fun and easy going life. And if you want to build the most inspiring relationship with your child and YOURSELF, then this is your sign.

I welcome you into Raising Paradise

Being a member of the Raising Paradise community, you will not only gain peace of mind immediately as you step into this divine feminine portal, where your soul will be reawakened to her true power and purpose.

But you will feel the incredible beauty and relatedness of being so deeply supported by the very soul sisters you've been waiting your whole life to meet.

There's literally no question or worry that we will not help solve with/for you.

Being in this sacred container, your magical inner wisdom and intuition will be reawakened once again. Which will set you off on the most beautiful motherhood journey you have ever walked.

You thought being a mother was a powerful experience?

Just wait till you feel what motherhood feels like when you're supported by your own team of sisters backing you up through every up and down. Celebrating life with you, showing you how you're never alone, that we're all going through the same damn things. Literally giving you the key to freedom you have never tasted or never even known existed until now.

No my friend. This type of sister love and support must be felt to be understood.


Because every mother deserves to feel

At peace

Her TRUE self that is. Not the lower version of self that is stressed out, irritated and overwhelmed.

But the effortless, kind, gentle, loving, peaceful and fully present self that she so loves to be.

Do you long for this too?

I welcome you into...

Raising Paradise is a membership and sisterhood community that will support your every step of becoming the mother and maintaining the beautiful, harmonious, effortless relationship with your child/children that you dream of.

Here's what you receive:

  • One monthly soulful ceremony a' 90 min on the topic of the month (60 min ceremony, 30 min conversation/Q&A - get all of your questions answered live).
  • Daily support inside of the private Telegram group. We're open 24/7. This is where you'll get to know all of the other wonderful mothers from around the world, and support each other in whatever you may go through. I am in here at least once daily to inspire, motivate and support.
  • Weekly supportive work will be uploaded into the private group to help hold you accountable for becoming the best you and doing the work that will support you the most. This includes assignments, guided meditations, healthy food inspiration, checklists and so much more.

We kick off with our first ceremony on Tuesday the 23rd of May @ 7 pm CET (Central European Time). All calls are held on Zoom and will be recorded and shared with those who are members at the time of recording.


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  • Receive an exclusive 40 min private coaching call with Taru ⭐️
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  • Bonus option 1: Receive lifetime access to Taru's Money Manifestation program Activate Limitless Abundance
  • Bonus option 2: Receive lifetime access to Taru's upcoming program Return of the Divine Feminine, starting in June!

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