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Claim Your True Purpose

You've accomplished and manifested many big, beautiful things. You're powerful and very content in life. But there's something missing. It's like you know there is something more for you out there. You just don't know what or how to obtain it. Yet the truth is, you came here for something big. You were born with unique gifts that no one else have. Your life's journey has equipped you with wisdom and life experiences that only you possess.

That in combination with your dreams, passions and desires is what makes up the meaning of your life. That's what you came here to do.

And it's time to unleash it.

You will be activated into deeper states of bliss, flow, purpose and fulfillment than you even knew existed.

Time to awaken the true you and let her SHINE into the world.

What People Are Saying:

I’m standing at the very start of an exciting journey where I get to reclaim my own life. My vision of it. And I have Taru to thank for it. I have met numerous amount of psychologists and coaches (in my baggage you find a childhood trauma, an unusual upbringing, an eating disorder), and it always took me 15 minutes tops to figure out what their strategy was with me, and from that point on I couldn't help to steer them in the direction I wanted. Waste of their and my time. Taru doesn't have a strategy with you - she has a genuine desire to help you find you own path, hear your own voice. Taru has a subtle way to guide you to the realizations that are crucial for your well being - but you will come to those by yourself, in a natural way. And from that point on there will be no going back.

Irina, Gothenburg

If you decide to work with Taru, she will hold your hand with fierce love all the way till the very end and give you an invaluable experience of feeling held and supported no matter what. If you are ready to uncover all the parts of you that are in resistance, she will be your perfect guide!

Amrita, Mallorca

I am so excited for the future! I am so grateful! Dear beautiful Taru. If I could only describe in words how much you have meant to me and my self development! I am so grateful for everything I have. I have come farther than I have done in years it feels like! And my mindset has shifted enormously! I am happy, I choose the positive thoughts again, my vibration has risen and the universe shows me almost everyday now that what I think of becomes reality. Thank you!!

Malin, Stockholm