Queen, it's time to rise...

Into your power.

Into your truth.


Claiming your throne as THE ONE

...creator of your own reality

Time to shift those pesky old thought pattern that make you feel miserable, and the limiting beliefs that keep you spinning in circles - into confidence, power and clarity FOR GOOD

Your life is created from within. Full stop. No you don't need any more proofs darling. What you vibrate (believe, think, feel) will manifest.

We've been fooled to believe we are powerless (by a malicious system that profit on that belief). But this is a Quantum universe baby. You're the creator of your own reality. And besides, you have manifested many things before. Don't try to talk yourself out of your godgiven powers. If you can manifest one thing, you can manifest anything.

Sorry to burst the "comfortable" bubble, but you can only receive a life of ease, bliss, freedom, flow and abundance once you get the hell out of your own way.

Meaning, let go of the limiting belief that something or someone out there is going to get you there.

Stop overthinking and hustling so hard. Give yourself some room to breathe. A rushed, stressed and worried mind is certainly not going to attract what you seek.

Find that delicious sweet spot in between creating and surrendering. Dance between them two. Drop deep into the flow...

Want to live a life of a Queen? Start treating yourself like one (you can only receive what you first allow yourself to BE).

Honey, you are the clue you've been waiting for.


When a woman decides 

S H E  R E C E I V E S

Step by step process to call in any desire:


Decide it

Claim it

Believe it

Listen for inner guidance

Take action only from inspiration and excitement

Graciously work through the tests that will show up to be cleared

Receive your desire

With only this information right here, you can create any life you want. If you're ready to be held accountable for doing this right, and if you want support through challenging moments of fear and doubt, then read on...

Softening into love is a 6 month live mentorship program and sisterhood that will clear any and all confusion + set your mind straight to create the life you dream of. You will be lovingly held accountable for staying the course, not giving up on your dream. Because it is already decided. What you desire is yours.

It is called Softening into love because you've gotta keep keeping your sweet heart open to yourself through the process of becoming your true, fully embodied, blissful self. And not betray your dreams because a limited, conditioned part of your brain may say "you're not worthy", or "this is not possible for you".

Because here are another few universal truths for you:

You were born worthy.

Anything is possible for you.

And I mean A N Y T H I N G

If only you knew who you are, you'd never doubt yourself again 😉

How To Know If This Is For You?

  • You want to finally KNOW the process of manifesting and have faith that anything is possible for you.

  • You want to live and love with a brave, open heart. 

  • You are so done with the distracting noise in your head. You want ease, peace and flow.

  • You're yearning to release the full spectrum of you into the world, without fear or insecurity holding you back.

  • You can't wait to live from your radiant, magnetic feminine essence, and release the stress and pressure of the masculine ways. 

  • You’re done putting up with your own BS… longing to receive support and accountability to make your dreams a reality. 

  • You’re ready to own that life is created from frequency, and wish to learn how to cultivate and hold the highest frequencies that will inevitably manifest your dreams with ease.

  • You’re done playing small, and excited to offer your beautiful, unique gifts to the world.

  • You want to know what your true life purpose is and feel the whole universe supporting you when you finally surrender to it.

  • You want to wake up every day feeling… “How is it possible that my dream life happened this quickly!? How can life be this good? I AM SO GRATEFUL!

I want you to love yourself deeply.

I want your mind to be silent and crystal clear. 

I want you to radiate pure confidence.

I want you to trust life fully.

I want you to feel how the universe supports your every desire, and that manifesting feels like fun play to you.

I want you to feel life deep to your core... for the magical, exhilarating adventure that it is... breath by breath... breathing more and more life into your own living, thriving masterpiece...

And this, dear one, is accomplished by reclaiming ownership of and mastery over the 6 essential aspects of you:

  • Your body

  • Your mind (both the conscious & subconscious)

  • Your soul

  • Your heart

  • Your life force energy / sexual energy / feminine magnetism / shakti

  • Your relationship with spirit / source energy


We go deep into these topics during our 6 months together:

Month 1

Nurtured Body ~ Nourished Temple 

  • High Vibrational Eating to Receive Your Body’s Full Support in Return
  • Rewrite Disempowering Stories Around Your Physical Appearance
  • Fall in Love with Worshipping Your Divine Temple, The Home of Your Soul
  • Drop Into Deep Presence and Come Back Home to Your Center
  • Release Resistance to Receiving
  • Discover the Power and Magic of Fasting 
  • Relinquish Tension and Tune into Your Natural Sense of Ease
  • Learn to Track Your Moon Cycle to Attune Your Life to the Ever Changing Seasons
  • Discover the Transformational Power of Your Breath

Month 2

Liberated Mind Living in Flow

  • Release the Power and Grip of Your Mind, Give Power Back to Your Heart
  • Rewrite Limiting and Unsupportive Beliefs 
  • Inner Architect The Reality You Wish To See and Live
  • Release The Identity That Doesn't Serve Your Highest Path
  • Befriend Resistance and Self Sabotage
  • Establish Crystal Clear Boundaries with Yourself and Others
  • Make Peace With The Past to Speed up the Fulfilment of Your Dreams
  • Transmute Insecurity, Shame, Guilt and Shadow to Clarity and Inspiration
  • Learn How to use Fear as an Activator Into Your Next Level
  • Dance and Move with the Spectrum of Emotions to Release Stagnancy
  • Learn to Shift a Downward Spiral at Any Moment 
  • Extract the Meaningful Lessons of Each Challenge

Month 3

Your Truth & Soul's Mission

  • Remember Your Unique Soul Mission
  • Discover how to Hear, Feel and Trust Your Intuition 
  • Activate Your Throat Chakra
  • Rise from Hiding, People Pleasing and Playing Small
  • Learn to Speak Your Truth Like a Badass, Always Guided by Your Higher Self
  • Reawaken Your Inner Magician, the Queen of Miracle Manifesting
  • Discover and Follow Your Calling, to Gain The Whole Universe’s Support
  • Activate Your Receptivity to the Subtle Messages That Are Always Flowing From Your Soul 
  • Access Endless Creativity and Inspiration From Within

Month 4

Bloom Your Heart Wide Open to Love

  • Open Your Heart Chakra to Allow Love to Flow With Ease
  • Return to Your Natural Ability to Love and Adore Yourself
  • Practice Breast Massage to Keep Your Heart Open 
  • Clear All That is Obstructing Your Ability to Hold the Frequency of Love
  • Activate Your Remembrance of a Life of Bliss 
  • Lead With Devotion From Your Open Heart, The Way You Were Designed to 
  • Learn How to Be Guided By Your Heart in Challenging Situations 
  • Embody the Fluid, Mystical Nature of Being a Goddess, Through Devotion to Truth / Love
  • Come Into Harmony With Equal Giving And Receiving
  • Breathwork Healing To Ignite The Power Of Your Heart

Month 5

Awaken Your Magnetic Radiance & Sensual Divine Feminine

  • Activate your Sacral Chakra to Liberate Your Life Force Energy
  • Release blocks of Fear, Shame and Guilt Holding You Back from Your Full Pleasure
  • Nurture Your Divine Feminine, Learn When and How to Put the Masculine to Work 
  • Master Sexual Energy and Orgasm for Manifestation
  • Expand Fully to Life Through Your 6 Senses
  • Move from Need to Desire to Attract What You Want  
  • Create Deeper Intimacy with Yourself, Life, and Others
  • Activate Your Natural Magnetism to Attract Your Desires Like Bees to a Flower
  • Find Your Personal Sweet Spot of Pleasure 
  • Re-discover Play and Playfulness to Expand Into Deeper Layers of Blissful Existence
  • Learn the Art of Full Mind & Body Surrender
  • Liberate the Sensual Life Artist From Within
  • Learn to Hold the Pleasure Frequencies in Your Body for Quantum Manifesting
  • Learn how to Expect Your Desire, Making its Fulfilment Inevitable 
  • Orgasmic Breathwork for Whole Body Orgasm
  • Self-induce Release of Oxytocin to Access the Light Frequencies
  • Learn Techniques to Increase Your Pleasure
  • Redefine What It Means to be a Woman of Power, Grace, Beauty & Integrity
  • Access Your Natural and Infinite Reservoir of Creativity and Inspiration

Month 6

Deep Faith in Magic ~ Intimately Connected to Source Energy

  • Claim your Godly Manifesting Powers 
  • Allow Nature and the Elements to Recalibrate You to Your Natural and Highest State of Being
  • Learn How to Use Spells and Word Magic for Manifesting
  • Build a Rock Solid, Personal Relationship With Source Energy
  • Learn How to Trust the Inexplicable and the Unseen
  • Connect with the Unified Field of Infinite Possibilities, aka the Quantum Field
  • Connect With Your Personal Guides 
  • Activate Your Third Eye for Crystal Clarity and Deep Inner Knowing
  • Learn How to Trust in Magic and Miracles, and in Your Own Ability to Channel the Power and Clarity of Source
  • Embody a Deep Knowing that Everything is Perfect, Everything is Always Working to Your Advantage

You Get Four Activations Every Month


My absolute favourite time of the month! Where I get to meet you all live for a powerful 60 minute transmission.


Right after the live masterclass, we get to connect and you can ask me any questions related to this months yummy topics. The Q&A is 30 min. So set aside 90 min in total for our monthly meeting.


Drop into presence of being. Drop into your feminine essence of openness, ease and full blown receptivity. These ceremonies take place at 6 pm Central European Time, on the third Thursday of each month. These calls are 60 min and we meet on zoom.


Everything you need in order to go as deep as you feel inspired at any given moment, in between our monthly calls. Meditations, breath practices, journal prompts, journaling practices, music playlists for all different vibes and moods - and so much more!

What To Expect When You Join?


1 live masterclass per month. An intimate 60 min Zoom transmission on the topic of the month.

1 live Q&A per month. A 30 min coaching session directly after the live masterclass.

1 monthly ceremony of meditation and embodiment. 60 min of deep presence and connection.

An online platform with all of your content such as guided meditations, music playlists, journaling prompts, informative PDF’s to support your every step on this exhilarating journey. You get immediate access to an abundant and overflowing welcome chapter upon registration. Additional new content is released each month, supporting that month's topic.

A quantum field of possibility + the support and accountability to make all of your wildest dreams come true. 

Your soul mate group of women and new friendships from all over the world, all on a quest to activate their most magical lives, just like you. You gain access to our loving, supportive private group where you can drop in for inspiration and support at any time, as soon as you register.

Enjoy lifetime access to recorded calls and materials.

A beautifully curated welcome gift delivered to your home.


Each class will be held on the first Tuesday of each month, for 6 months @ 11:00 am Central European Time.

You will get a detailed calendar through email, soon after joining.


10% off all Taru Tuomi's courses and retreats that launch during 2022!

Just send Taru an Instagram message or email when you join any launch, and we'll refund you 10%


Our first live call + Q&A happens on Tuesday December 7th @ 11:00 CET

Our first Live Meditation will be held on December 16th @ 6 pm CET

Both calls will be recorded and you will gain access to the recordings inside of the members platform within 24 hours.


Malin - Stockholm

“I am so excited for the future! I am so grateful! If I can only describe with words how much you have meant to me and my self development! My mindset has shifted, from zero to 100! I am happy, I choose the positive thoughts again, my vibration has risen and the universe shows me almost everyday now that what I think of becomes reality. I trust the universe and my divine power again. Thank you over and over again for changing my life!!

Linda - Los Angeles

“You are absolutely brilliant at what you do! Thank you so much for all of your support, guidance and WISDOM! My panic attacks have finally subsided, your meditations have been saving me. I no longer put in unnecessary energy into things that don’t deserve it. I really wouldn’t have been able to do this and get on the right path again, without you!”

Karin, Örebro

“I loved your program SO much! The best thing is that I now REALLY understand how life is meant to be calm, harmonious and inspiring. I have struggled SO much in life, and now is the beginning of something brand new. After your program, I feel so worthy to have a good life. I learned and felt, how magical life is when I am in the right energy. I am SO grateful for all of this Taru”

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Beautiful love beam

I see you… excited and yearning to join the revolution of reclaiming your whole, true, fulfilled self and live a life of deep peace, joy and pleasure, bathing in your own radiant, feminine expansion.

I’m Taru: A guide for the most incredible women on the planet. This is where we master the art of love... opening our hearts to loving more deeply. Letting the beauty of life penetrate us to the point where we have no choice but to surrender to truth. Our own true essence of being. Being one with source. Being the source!

Some of my greatest personal breakthrough in life happened when I finally surrendered to being unapologetically me and my most authentic, badass divine creator self. Choosing to no longer believe in the limiting, self sabotaging lies my mind told me. Giving power and authority to my desires. Fully surrendering to trusting myself, my heart and my intuitive voice, even before there were any physical proof that I was on the right path.

It's almost ridiculous how my life changed when I took back creative control and decided to live from my senses. And when I finally allowed myself to feel and be seen fully.

That's when life truly begins and that's when our manifestations begin to happen in exhilarating quantum speed. When we let go of the unnecessary resistance we've held on to so tightly. When we drop deeply, wholeheartedly into the magic of being, and let ourselves be swept away in the powerful, ever moving, ever flowing dance of life. Letting love, beauty and truth lead...

I was also very fortunate to connect with someone who had the ability to guide me back home into my truth. Which allowed me to bring down the final barricades I had put up around my heart that had prevented me from living fully. 

I believe we all need a guide to get to the very deepest layers of ourselves, awakening the beautiful truth of our soul. And I want to be that one for you.

Are you ready to drop in and become one with you?

Why Now?

→ Life is meant to be lived FULLY, not suffered through or succumbed to.

→ Your average frequenzy is meant to be FULL BLOWN GRATITUDE, not fear or resistance.

→ Allowing yourself more pleasure is the path to even more pleasure. Living a life led by high vibrational feelings is not only possible but what you came here for. It literally is the path to everything you seek...

→ You are supposed to feel FUCK YES to inspired ideas that gives you butterflies, and not hold back or talk yourself out of them because it doesn't seem "rational". 

Freedom, love and happiness are choices we make.... Regardless of what is happening around you, you can choose today to create exactly the life you wish to live.

Because everything begins from within. The outside world changes when you decide it will. You are that powerful. If only you choose to use your power.

2022 can be the year when everything changed. When you finally mastered the art of manifesting.

2022 can be your year of limitless bliss, pleasure, and fulfilment. Of making reality of all of your dreams and more.

If you’d find the courage to say yes to the part of you who KNOWS that to be true.

Feel Into The Part Of You That’s Already Inside, Creating Magic, Allowing Miracles to Flow Into Your Life With Ease...


And then click yes...

Frequently Asked Questions

Each month, we open the doors for the powerful energy of new Goddesses to join us

In this beautifully intricate universe where we all are deeply connected, I believe strongly in the power of moving with the energies and ever so often inviting new dynamics into our lives to support our highest evolution.

It is through the mirroring and the connection with others we get to meet ourselves more deeply.

At whatever point in time you choose to join, you will gain 6 months worth of content and live classes. The monthly topics rotate and it has no significance in what order you do them.