Claim Your True Purpose

You've accomplished and manifested many beautiful things in life. You are aware of your power and you feel mostly content in life. But there's something missing. It's like you know there is more within you, that there's something more for you out there. You just can't put your finger on what it is or how to obtain it.

Yet the truth is, you came here to do big things. To unleash your radiant light and set yourself free to be fully you. You were born with unique gifts that no one else has. Your life's journey has equipped you with wisdom and life experiences that only you possess.

That in combination with your deepest desires is what makes up the true meaning of your life. That's what you came here to do. And it's time to unleash it.

Working with you changed my life. My life has so much more purpose now. SO MUCH has changed for me since then! Before we started working together I was really quite unclear of my purpose and now everything seems so clear. Somehow magically things just fell into place for me. I was led to an idea, a new business that I am just about to launch. In hindsight it just makes so much sense but back then I had this stuck image of myself and who I thought I should be, it turned out I wasn’t meant to do any of that. You are very good at this Taru. Thank you!”















































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Hi, I’m Taru


World-renowned spiritual guide, mystic, mindset coach, manifestation expert and mentor to the most brilliant souls ready for a quantum upgrade to a soulfully connected, peaceful, harmonious, deeply nourishing and incredibly abundant life.

I'm here to serve your souls liberation from everything that has held you back and kept you playing small.

Activating every cell within your being so you may remember... how damn good it feels to be the true, radiant you. Bathing in your own magnificience. Wild and free the way you were always meant to be.

You are a powerful being constantly sending frequenzy and vibration to the quantum field, which is being sent back to you in the form of materialized manifestations.

You are God in human form, you have the extraordinary power of source energy within you, which grants you everything you desire and so much more. All you need to do is come back home. To the Truth of who you are.

I'll show you how x


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By Taru Tuomi
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