Welcome home love... to your divine perfection... to the rich, abundant, liberated life you came here to live.

Welcome home love... to your divine perfection... your souls true purpose... to the rich, abundant, liberated life you came here to live.

I’m Taru


World-renowned manifestation expert and mentor to the most brilliant souls hungry for a quantum upgrade to a soulfully connected, deeply nourishing and incredibly abundant life.

Because you get to have it all

I'm here to serve your souls liberation from everything that has held you back and kept you playing small.

Activating every cell within your being so you may remember... how damn good it feels to be the true you. Wild and free the way you were always meant to be.

You are a powerful being constantly sending frequenzy and vibration to the quantum field, which is being sent back to you in the form of materialized manifestations.

You are God in human form, you have the extraordinary power of source energy within you, which grants you everything you desire and more. I'll teach you how...

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Make Millions With Me

Quantum leaps are a given in my world. I make manifesting huge amounts of money as easy and accessible as small amounts. Because it is. The universe doesn't care about numbers, it only cares whether you match your identity and frequenzy with what you've asked for.

"I have made so much money in the last month alone of working with Taru it doesn't even feel possible... but it IS! I called in an unexpected $250.000 USD during THE FIRST COUPLE OF WEEKS of working with Taru!! The universe really put her on my path for a reason!!!
I am so grateful. I have been working for two years now on my money beliefs and mindset and just general energy around money. Working with Taru has finally made it click. I feel such incredible relief and gratitude. It's like I have unlocked lifetimes of blocks.
If you too stumbled across Taru, know that it is NO ACCIDENT. There are no coincidences, only magic. Trust me that she is going to unlock absolute miracles into your world. All things are possible with this magical woman on your side, reminding you of your own magic! TRUST ME that if you are wondering why or how she came onto your radar, it is not a random event. It is an absolute gift from the universe that you should not ignore!!!”" 



Infinite Abundance - Taru's 6 month Wealth Activation & Mastermind is currently closed for registration. Doors opening again in 2023.

CURRENTLY OPEN: 1 remaining space for private Million Dollar Mentorship in 2022. Break through your glass ceiling and maximize your income before the end of the year. Merging the powerful, focused Queen energy with the ease, effortlessness and flow of the Goddess. Both whom already live within you and are waiting to be activated to their fullest magnetic potency.

The selfled woman may apply here

"Discover The Secret To Manifesting As Much Money As You Want, With Ease"
(and anything else your heart desires!)

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Claim Your True Purpose

You've accomplished and manifested many big, beautiful things. You are aware of your power and you feel mostly content in life. But there's something missing. It's like you know there is something more for you out there. You just don't know what or how to obtain it. Yet the truth is, you came here for something big. You were born with unique gifts that no one else have. Your life's journey has equipped you with wisdom and life experiences that only you possess.

That in combination with your true dreams, passions and desires is what makes up the meaning of your life. That's what you came here to do. Thriving in all that you do, basking in your own brilliance.

And it's time to unleash it.

Working with you changed my life. My life has so much more purpose now. SO MUCH has changed for me since then! Before we started working together I was really quite unclear of my purpose and now everything seems so clear. Somehow magically things just fell into place for me. I was led to an idea, a new business that I am just about to launch. In hindsight it just makes so much sense but back then I had this stuck image of myself and who I thought I should be, it turned out I wasn’t meant to do any of that. You are very good at this Taru. Thank you!”



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2 months 1:1 mentorship with Taru @ $2.222 (originally $3.500)

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Fuck The Rules - Live Life Your Way


You did not come here to follow rules made by individuals who does not know you nor have your best interest at heart.

You were born free and free is what you should remain. How you wish to live your life and raise your children is 100% up to you.

The Freedom Rebels Society is a by invite only membership society for mothers and fathers who are done giving away their power, and ready to build a life that leaves you feeling truly happy and fulfilled as a human being, and as a family. The way only free people can ever experience happiness.

"Taru is one of the most inspiring role models I know of. Whenever I stand before a scary decision or when life challenges me to be more of my true, authentic self, I always think: "What would Taru do?". I have learned so much from following Taru over the years, and more recently after having worked together as her private client. She has helped me become much more brave in my way of parenting and making my own soul aligned decisions. While actively setting boundaries and canceling out the naysayers that anyway do not understand the life and legacy I'm here to build. Thank you Taru for everything!"




The Power Month Experience

1:1 coaching FOR MEN

You're hungry for the next level of freedom and expansion. Yet rather than working hard to try and get it, you are ready to trust that there is a much more effortless way. You know there is a greatness living within you. You know you were born for more. And it is time for the world to witness you in all of your power and glory.


Taru is very insightful and very supportive and most of all a warm teacher who gives comfort in her guidance. I am a person who has really been stuck in a lot of old and not very positive inner conversations; Taru has slowly helped me identify these and has given me tools and support to move into a new me. I can say that after working with Taru for a month and a half I am feeling much lighter and more positive about my life. I have seen some real gains in my financial situation as well, and just feeling much more positive and free overall.



For men who know they are here for more and who wish to be held and supported on the journey of becoming.

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Infinite Abundance Retreat
The Costa Rica Edition


The most abundant and magical experience... we are currently deep into planning the extraordinary events of this retreat.


"Taru is a woman truly passionate about life. Her dedication to her dreams, and her positive energy is absolutely addictive. She taught me how to center my life and be responsible for any decision. She showed me how to not be scared to follow my path, listen to my heart and the most important: love myself the way I am.

At her retreat, after the ayahuasca ceremony (where she was just next to me, truly caring how I was doing during the process) for the first time in my life I felt love for myself. I drowned in an ocean of love for myself. I realised then that our reality is a mirror of the inner relationship we have with yourself.

Taru pushed me to dream big and trust my inner guidance that what I ask for is already on the way. Accept your past, have dreams, but then important to be and live in the present, where the magic happens. With her guidance, every single day is a gift. I have the pleasure to call her my soul sister"



The first two Queens that sign up will be rewarded with a very special gift. Express your interest now to find out what that gift is!

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Drop in and receive...

Activate Your Quantum Leap Into Your Blissful Dream Reality - Right Here, Right Now.

By Taru Tuomi
Theta dream activation



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